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While every exit situation is unique, owners typically want many of the same results:

1. Sell for the Best Possible Price.
We deliver valuation methodologies through private equity, management buy outs, and strategic buy outs. Cogent can increase the value of your company and attractiveness to buyers through focused documentation of strategic planning, succession planning, budgeting, and performance metrics.

2. Know That Employees Will Be Taken Care of After the Exit.
This determines the type of buyer profile we will seek for your company. Cogent can reorganize company infrastructure to make this imperative an attractive deal point for buyers.

3. Know That You Are Selling at the Right Time.
All markets have a performance timeline – hills and valleys. Cogent researches market-specific historical patterns to ensure optimal timing for your exit event given past and present market conditions.

4. Step Away from Day-to-Day Operations and Become a Visionary Leader.
A replacement CEO or COO is often the best way to realize this goal. Cogent acts as a trusted advisor in helping to make the tough decisions necessary to find the right person to fill your shoes. The plan can even include keeping you involved as a strategic advisor.

What Owners Want