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Buyers are looking for specific value propositions when considering the value of your business to them:

1. To Know the Company Will Remain Viable After You Leave.
This entails a strong management team tied to company objectives and future performance. Cogent facilitates this necessity by developing and installing a Strategic Framework that identifies Critical Components, Priority Tasks, and Accountability Process tools that enable practical, objective-based management. This is completed by a matching up a management team with the core competencies necessary to fulfill the business objectives.

2. A Growth Strategy That Will Allow Buyers to Satisfy Their Investment Objectives.
Buyers want to know specifics concerning business strategy for the next 3-5 years after purchase. Cogent offers proven expertise in writing effective and sellable business plans that deliver the information they demand in the format they expect.

3. The Ability to Manage the Company Via a Board Seat.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) tied to all critical company ratios and objectives help provide the operations information buyers want. Cogent performs the groundwork necessary to document business strategy and bind objectives to realistic KPI’s and executive compensation.

4. Clear and Clean Accounting
Employing an experienced and competent financial manager is a critical step in presenting your value. Cogent will organize your budget into definable business units that illuminate key ratio values and highlight spending processes.

5. An Exit Strategy of Their Own.
A buyer rarely invests in a company without knowing their own exit plans. Cogent offers unique front and back end alternatives for initial sellers and a buyer’s long-term exit plan.

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